Yet Another Visual Artist

Conceptual, witty and intelligent, with a humorous twist: y_a_v_a (aka Vincent Bruijn) considers his addiction to low culture, morality, art and nonsense in site-specific works, social sculptures and other manifestations.

Best Art in Town!

In an inventive and agile manner, y_a_v_a maneuvers himself as a cheerful cynic through intellectualism and absurdity, using remix, trash and alternative economic models in a game where power, convention and art come together.

Where is your Malevich?

#malevichishere is a contest by Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam: "[A] search for Malevich-inspired objects". And they have a winner! It is by y-a-v-a and ax710. See the announcement at

Lately live

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Glitch art
Glitch art is the aestheticization of digital or analog errors, such as artifacts and other "bugs", by either corrupting digital code/data or by physically manipulating electronic devices.
"She has a hot ass", L.H.O.O.Q. is a work of art by Marcel Duchamp first conceived in 1919.
JPEG is a commonly used method of lossy compression for digital photography (image). The degree of compression can be adjusted, allowing a selectable tradeoff between storage size and image quality.
Text Jockey
Markov chain
A Markov chain, named after Andrey Markov, is a mathematical system that undergoes transitions from one state to another, between a finite or countable number of possible states.
Yet another visual artist.
I'm too sad to tell you
Bas Jan Ader's most popular work is his 1970 silent short film piece, I'm too sad to tell you, that consists of the artist crying in front of a camera after a brief title.
Artistieke statements

Struinend op het internet tref je veel websites zoals deze: een kunstenaar die het internet als zijn platform toe-eigent en er zijn werk op toont. De vorm van deze websites is zeer overeenkomstig: afbeeldingen van hun werk worden vaak op ruim formaat getoond (hoewel bijna altijd kleiner dan het werkelijke formaat), ondersteund door CV en werkomschrijving van de kunstenaar.

Het grappige is dat kunstenaar alles uit de kast halen om aan te tonen dat zij een unieke visie of bijzondere reden hebben om hun werk te maken, en dat dan vaak ook willen verdedigen. Blijkbaar moet de kunstenaar in zijn artistieke statement ook meteen een rechtvaardiging geven voor hetgeen hij/zij doet; een indirecte verdediging tegen mogelijke verdachtmakingen of beschuldigingen als "Dat kan mijn nichtje van vier ook," of tegen collectieve cliches waarin de kunstenaar als lui en werkschuw wordt afgeschilderd.

Hieronder volgt een overzicht van mijn verzameling statements.

See y_a_v_a on twitter.

>> My intent as an artist is to open myself and my audience through authentic expression. My responsibility is to create an experience that reaches many different levels of feeling and visioning to ultimately uplift and transform. I aim to inspire and encourage expression in others as a means of accessing passion, personal and spiritual fulfillment, and meaningful community.

>> From early childhood, I have created art, because it was a natural instinct in me, and because I derive a deep, visceral satisfaction from seeing an image come to life. My goal as an artist is to capture transitional moments in time, define and maintain an aesthetic viewpoint and through my choice of medium and process of consistently honing my technical skills, to achieve excellence of expression.

>> While seeming futile to some, reinventing the wheel and the better mouse trap are both worthy endeavors. Why settle for the current status quo? Why be defeated by two great ideas? Shouldn't we prefer to be inspired by genius? Striving to best the better is how our society progresses in leaps and bounds in lieu of a Cro-Magnon snail's pace.

>> Filmmaking, more than any other media form, is the art of communicating who we are and how we inhabit the world in which we live. Whether on the small screen, at the multiplex or in independent festivals, the moving image is in fact, moving the world closer-and even at times-further apart.

>> Sculpture is an intriguing art form, the work requires manipulation of three-dimensional perspectives and the surfaces created by those perspectives.

>> The noblest aims of art, in my opinion, include helping people see the world in a fresh way and - through heightened awareness - live their life differently.

>> It is worth noting that my artwork is a process fueled by an intrinsic need for self-expression. I believe there is something within the act of creating that has always inspired me to become an artist. (...) Though I consider the fundamentals of drawing and painting to be important, my ambitions as an artist reside somewhere beyond the scope of line, form and color. My journey and my intent stretch inward to a place within the core of who I am as an individual.

>> My work is a personal narrative exploring the themes of self examination,personal knowledge, choice, destiny and escape. I tell the story through recurring surrogate figures, alternating between antagonist and protagonist embodying various abstractions.

>> I believe that painting non-objectively allows the intuitive nature of the painter a voice. It also affords the widest range of interpretation including contradiction. I feel as though I have internalized the energetic and quickly changing elements of sky and water and often use a linear "horizon" as metaphor for remembered and future experience. I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing.

>> When as a young man I was faced with something profoundly beautiful, I noticed that my feelings of exhilaration were mixed with sadness. It was a longing for something it seemed I had lost and could barely remember any more--a longing to merge back with that immense and mysterious beauty of the world, and not just observe it from a point of separateness.

>> Nothing matters but art. Just art. Life isn't separate from art. This is not about money or recognition. My work isn't cynical. It is about life and laughter, survival, struggle, pain, triumph, endurance, transcendance.

>> I believe too often art is allowed to transcend judgment -- lack of praise for art is equated with a viewer's lack of understanding. I want to appropriate the canvas to the viewer and allow the final piece to be a product of both the artist and the real and imaginative community.

>> Now, when I paint, I am nourished by what appears on the paper, as though the beautiful object takes on a life of its own and bestows a blessing on me, even though I created it.

>> Designing and sculpting abstract shapes allows my unique artistic expression to also be open to each viewer's personal interpretation, creating a connection with the piece.

>> The artworks that are extruded from my inner being come forth through the direct inspiration I find in the natural world.

>> I was led by Spirit through the door; once there, once touching paper with paint, something else took over. I was overcome with joy, excitement, expansion and delight!

>> I try to recreate the beauty of the completely unspoiled with the pattern and forms of the natural world through molten glass infused with movement.

>> While my creative vision is continuously evolving, I am incredibly interested in collaborations.

>> I strive to continuously challenge myself as an artist and create memorable art.

>> My aim as an artist is to relate to an audience by creating a distinct mood and environment.

>> Form is that which has already been carved out of the strata of experience by the influence of culture, ideology, and habit. The work is merely a catalyst, highlighting certain features of certain forms and nominating them as germane to a given situation. The "craft" of my practice, lies in the framing of the experience, to include specific effects and exclude others; what Herbert Muschamp once described as "the spontaneous organization of individuals around the act of paying attention."

>> [M]y brush delves beyond the surface into the essential. Single strokes release the driving forces powering the greatness of ideas and dreams.

>> The painting process is not just an analytical process for me, but is a revelation in every visual moment.

>> I am moved by the deeper, unseen forces of energy that have shaped our landscape over time. I approach my work with an awareness of that power. Eruptions on the surface of the clay are caused by inner movement within the form.

>> It is the very special, the multi-meaning, the magical I am interested in.

>> Art is society's guideposts; it manifests the symbols of a time and place. It expresses the culture and creates it simultaneously.

>> My intention is to get viewers to question everything; to philosophize; to enlighten and open eyes. Destroying tradition by destroying contemporary art with realism based on reality. Not a fictional reality based on particular principles like only color or line, but my art incorporates all the elements to enlighten and achieve appreciation through the world around us. I interpret the world around me- in which we all live. Through my observations and experiences; I want to show objective insights and associations.

>> My goal is to create works of art that have an emotionally powerful impact. This involves creating a bridge between what is suggested by the work and the individual memories and perceptions of the viewers who interpret the work. In other words, a connection must be made with some aspect of the life of the observer or the work is merely an illustration of academic theory.

>> I view myself as the artistic conduit, or steward, who patiently waits for the relationship between the parts to make itself known, to pass from each entity to me and then into a new piece of art.

>> I am one of those people who is left and right brained; I enjoy solving both technical and artistic problems using the same common ingredient: creativity.

>> The underlying quest in all of my work is the search for a form of existence which reconnects to human being's roots, a search for life stripped of all the superficiality, all the excess of all masks and all costumes.

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