Yavawebs consists of a list of screenshots of websites which are art works on their own: They are neither portfolios nor representations of physical works of art. These websites use the internet as a pencil. Some of them use the ever changing internet as a resource, which make the sites differ day by day, others use static data from the internet as the paint for their visuals. All of them use the internet as a stage, as a platform, for art, because they cannot exist without. Click on the screenshots to visit the sites.

Responsive Magritte - 2013

Responsive Magritte
By y_a_v_a and ax710.

Art Is Money - 2013

Art Is Money
By y_a_v_a and ax710.

I'm too sad to tell you - 2012

I'm too sad to tell you
By y_a_v_a and ax710.

L H O O Q - 2012

By y_a_v_a and ax710.

Homage à Huszár - 2011

Vilmos Huszár's painting was the inspiration for this piece from y-a-v-a. All positions of the skaters are nodes on a graph. The nodes have different connections so there is a Hamiltonian cycle possible. These Hamiltonian cycles are calculated by a recursive script that searches through all connections. In this case there are about 1380 cycles. The painting is built up bij processing each found Hamiltonian cycle.

Maleglitch - 2010

Kazimir Maleglitch
By y_a_v_a and ax710
Maleglich is a piece in which images of paintings of Kazimir Malevich are glitched. This means they are digitally damaged on purpose. Glitching these paintings creates new interpretations on the oeuvre of one of the greatest Modernists of the twentieth century.

y-a-v-a tumblr - 2010

Hockney Tumblr YAVA

The y-a-v-a.tumblr.com site is an art blog, but not regular one. Images of paintings of Western Art are compressed to the smallest jpg compression possible. This is a compression level of 0 (zero). The jpg compression is an invention that reduces the size of digital image data strongly, which makes images very portable. The downside of this compression method is that you loose detail, so the quality of the image is reduced. These paintings are reduced to the heaviest jpg compression, which results in major loss of detail. This, in fact, creates new visions on art, or rather, reinvents existing art works into new visuals.

Googlevich - 2010

By y_a_v_a and ax710
Googlevich is a plugin for FireFox. When the plugin is installed, all image results within Google will look like the painting Black Square by Malevich.

God is a TJ - 2010

See the full page at www.god-is-a-tj.com
By y_a_v_a and ax710
A TJ is a text jockey, someone or something that ties texts together based on their perference. TJ'ing can be done by a person, but can also be done by computer code. This website TJs by using contents of the Bible, taken from the internet. The Bible is rewritten by this website into an endless stream of sentences consisting of parts of sentences from the Bible. Every sentence is unique.

Ranking the arts - 2010

By y_a_v_a and np3

Neuropolis N - 2010
Neurpopolis N

By y_a_v_a and ax710
A TJ is a text jockey, someone or something that ties texts together based on their perference. TJ'ing can be done by a person, but can also be done by computer code. This website TJs by using the texts from a popular art magazine, taken from the website of the magazine. Randomly, pieces of texts are tied together to create new texts on art.

The Internet Underexposed - 2009

By y_a_v_a and ax710

The Agreeing Internet - 2009

By y_a_v_a and ax710

For the Love of Fame - 2009

By y_a_v_a and ax710
A list of 710 artists are measured by popularity using Google as a resource. The artist with the highest amount of Google Search Result hits is placed at the top left of the page. Popularity is also shown by color: the most popular artist is colored black. While popularity decreases, the color changes from black to magenta, from magenta to cyan, from cyan to yellow to end in white. The artists with the least results, in linear comparison to the most popular one, have a white background. This piece changes every day, since Google finds more or less results per artist.

Eigen Kunst Eerst - 2008

By y_a_v_a
This website contains a large amount of reviews of and reflections on all kinds of visual experiences.

Temp - 2008

Colors created by transforming three day temerature forecast from Google. As a reference, the earth's maximum temperature ever measured is white (57.8 °C in Libya), the lowest (-89.2 °C in Antarctica) is black. Colors change as weather changes.