yet another visual artist

Conceptual, witty and intelligent, with a humorous twist: considers his addiction to low culture, morality, art and nonsense in pixel generators, tweet bots, blog posts and other web manifestations.

In an inventive and agile manner, maneuvers himself as a cheerful cynic through intellectualism and absurdity, using remix, trash and alternative economic models in a game where power, conventions and art come together.

Teaming up online with ax710 since 2009.

There is no "art piece", only change. The pixels are the message. We echo the internet through our filters and as the web changes, our websites change. The web gives to us, we give back to the web: from www to .com and back again. We do not search, we serve.

A Chance of Order

English artist Kenneth Martin made drawings based on strict rule sets. Programming lends itself very well for strict rule sets. This work shows computer generated Kenneth Martin drawings, inspired by his series "Chance and order". Online since 2021.

Aan Arwok font

Aan Arwok font is an open source typeface inspired by the "Today Series" of paintings by Japanese American conceptual artist On Kawara. This font is freely available for download from

Glitching Malvich paintings in collaboration with ax710. Every image shown when visiting the website is a newly created unique once in a lifetime glitched image. Since 2010.

Tableau Piège En Ligne

Daniel Spoerri inspired internet art project searches for images of empty plates and table cloth at Google and arranges them into new pixel collages. With ax710.

Solving Sol

Sol Lewitt "Wall Drawings" in code. I got hooked on Sol Lewitt long ago. I got hooked on making Wall Drawings with computer code since I heard of Brad Bouse's project "Solving Sol". I created about 17 Wall Drawings using JavaScript, CSS and HTML since 2015. Code can be found on GitHub

Google image search feeds with images of female faces. We add the moustache. Since 2011, made together with ax710.

#In #the #beginning #God #created #the #heaven #and #the #earth... Twitter bot that tweets the whole bible hashtagged. Credits to and together with ax710.

Google image search serves with images of crying men. The internet changes on a daily basis. So does what Google serves, with ax710. Since 2012.

π has many many decimals. The ____p_____i____-bot will tweet many many decimals of π, on an irregular basis.

Lorem ipsum generator based on art-isms, with ax710, since 2012.

The site is an art blog, but not a regular one. Images of paintings of Western Art are compressed to the smallest JPEG compression possible. This is a compression level of 0 (zero). The JPEG compression is an invention that reduces the size of digital image data strongly, which makes images very portable. The downside of this compression method is that you loose detail, so the quality of the image is reduced. These paintings are reduced to the heaviest JPEG compression, which results in major loss of detail. This, in fact, creates new visions on art, or rather, reinvents existing art works into new visuals. Since 2014.

Hashtag sixwords: taken from many artist statements found on the internet, this Twitter bot tweets Markov-chained tweets of six words.

Responsive Magritte will adapt itself to any screen size. Made together with ax710.

Twitter bot with ax710.

Twitter bot

Mention @max_kompressor in a tweet with an image and receive a JPEG-compressed image within five minutes. Twitter bot, online since 2015.

With ax710.

With ax710.

With ax710.

I can be found by Google, therefore I exist. 710 artists are queried in Google. The result counts of these queries maken up this popularity list. In real time, changing along with the internet. Made together with ax710.

2009, with ax710.

2009, with ax710.

Insipired by Alexander Breners work as created by him in the Stedelijk Museum in 1997, a dollar sign is added to modernist painting, with ax710, since 2013.

Vilmos Huszár's painting was the inspiration for this piece from y-a-v-a. All positions of the skaters are nodes on a graph. The nodes have different connections so there is a Hamiltonian cycle possible. These Hamiltonian cycles are calculated by a recursive script that searches through all connections. In this case there are about 1380 cycles. The painting is built up bij processing each found Hamiltonian cycle.

Alias for this site.

Hommage to "Hommage to the square" by Josef Albers. A color scheme generator algorithm suggests a new hommage every 17 seconds. Website online since 2014.


Ken Perlin defined a very nice noise algorithm. I combined it with Piet Mondrian's painting "Lozenge Composition with Two Lines". Click the above image to get the full experience.

Play around with Max Kompressor and you will be surprised by what JPEG compression of 0 does to your photos.

Blog on visual stuff since 2008.

Inspired by Apfap's zap machine, this bot retrieves an artist name from an internet source, searches for images of that artist and mixes these images into a new merged image. Online since 2014.

Representation of ax710 of cooperations with y-a-v-a.

Y-A-V-A's main Twitter handle.

Public repository with open sourced source code of many of the above projects.

From left to right: Berndnaut Smilde, Vincent Bruijn, Jeroen Brouwer. Photography project since 2001, website since 2003.

Code related blog since 2004.

Killed painter

I killed the painter in me in 2004. Let's go digital!